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Laser Vein Removal Beverly Hills

Laser vein removal is a non-invasive procedure that uses concentrated light technology to remove varicose and spider veins from various body areas. This procedure seals and shrinks aesthetically unpleasing veins, eliminating their appearance and improving blood circulation.

Patients will begin to notice their results within a week after their procedure, with the best results appearing within two to six weeks. A one-time treatment can yield great improvement.

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What is Laser Vein Removal?

Laser vein removal is a non-invasive therapy that reduces and terminates the appearance of varicose and spider veins. The device transmits photons into the affected vein, generating heat within the blood vessel and causing the vein to seal, directing blood flow to nearby vessels. Consequently, the damaged vein shrinks and eventually dissolves after some time. The treatment is non-invasive, and most patients can return to normal activities the next day following treatment.

Patients will begin to notice treatment results within a week following their procedure, with the best results developing over two to six weeks. Although some patients only require a single treatment, further treatment could be necessary depending on the severity of the affected area.

Laser vein removal options vary from self-treatment to more intensive procedures. However, varicose and spider veins do not go away on their own, and it is best to consult a professional for proper removal.

Laser Vein Removal Benefits

Laser vein removal is a quick and painless treatment that is long-lasting and cost-effective.

What Results to Expect:

  • Comfortable treatment
  • Rapid results
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Low risk

How Long Will Results Last?

Most patients can expect to see results within a week after treatment, with more drastic effects developing within four to six weeks. You may need multiple treatments for the best results.

Laser Vein Removal Benefits

Laser Vein Removal Cost & Pricing Structure

Laser vein removal is affordable for most patients. The average cost can vary, with our competitive prices meeting the national average.

  • US National Average: $300 – $1,000
  • Our Price: $500-$2,000
  • Additional Costs: There are no additional costs for this procedure.
  • Insurance: Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

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Vein Removal On Legs Spa26 Beverly | Medical Spa Beverly Hills
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How the Procedure Works

Spa26 provides multiple solutions for laser vein removal, including BroadBand Light (BBL) and Excel V laser treatments. Both treatment options operate inside the vein to reduce its appearance. You can expect to return to work and resume normal activities the same day.

Before & Preparation

  • Avoid taking aspirin, blood thinners, or other blood-thinning medications for a few days before the treatment.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Cleanse the treatment area on the day of your procedure and avoid applying lotions, perfumes, deodorants, or nail polish.
  • Do not shave the treatment site on the same day. Shave 1-2 days before.
  • Make sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment.
  • Your provider will instruct you to remove all clothing and jewelry from the treatment area before the procedure.

During the Procedure

  • Your provider will activate the laser device and apply it to the affected veins.
  • The laser heats the vein, causing damage and scar tissue build-up within the vessel.
  • This process closes and seals unpleasing veins, slowly reducing the appearance outside your skin over time.
During Laser Vein Removal
Laser Vein Removal Aftercare And Recovery

Aftercare & Recovery

  • After the procedure is complete, your provider will recommend topical cream for a rapid recovery in case of bruising
  • You will be monitored for a short period, after which you can go home.
  • Remember to stay hydrated after leaving the office.
  • Your provider may recommend specific physical activity in the weeks following your treatment to ensure a quick recovery.
  • Your provider may recommend further treatment to ensure you acquire the best possible results.

Treatment Areas

Laser vein removal is a treatment that removes or diminishes the visibility of veins that can be seen under the skin. Treatment areas include:

  • Face
  • Eyelids
  • Nose
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Feet
Laser Vein Removal Treatment Areas

Choose the leading Medical Spa in Beverly Hills to get the natural results you desire with Laser Vein Removal!

Am I A Good Candidate For Laser Vein Removal

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Vein Removal?

An ideal candidate for laser vein removal is an individual with spider or varicose veins that can be seen through the skin. This procedure could also benefit patients experiencing symptoms such as heavy, aching sensations in the legs or throbbing and cramps after standing/sitting for a prolonged time.

  • Typical Age: Any age
  • Health Restrictions: The patient should be in good health

Similar & Related Procedures

Endoscopic Vein Surgery: Surgical treatment options are more invasive, expensive, and take a longer recovery time.

Laser Vein Removal Similar Related Procedures

Laser Vein Removal vs. Endoscopic Vein Surgery

Laser Vein Removal
What is it?
A treatment that reduces the appearance of veins; options include BBL and Excel V lasers.
Optional topical anesthesia
Recovery Time:
24 hours
Treatment can be performed in-office
Endoscopic Vein Surgery
What is it?
A treatment that includes ligation and vein stripping techniques in which an incision is made and the vein is tied off.
General anesthesia
Recovery Time:
2-4 weeks
The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis

Side Effects & Risks

Laser Vein Removal Side Effects And Risks

Learn more about some of the potential side effects and risks of laser vein treatment below:

  • Infection at the site of treatment
  • Temporary sensitivity 
  • Temporary Bruising
  • Redness or swelling of the vein
  • Changes in skin color over the treated vein
  • Scarring

Laser Vein Removal Reviews

I had an awesome experience with Dr. Nazarian and her staff. My procedure was super fast and completely painless. I’m so happy with the results.

Amy A.

Citrus Grove, Glendale, CA

Choose the leading Medical Spa in Beverly Hills to get the natural results you desire with Laser Vein Removal!

Laser Vein Removal FAQs

How does laser vein removal work?

Laser vein removal uses concentrated light pulses to generate heat within varicose veins and induce damage to the vessel. This process causes the affected vein to seal and later be absorbed by the body, reducing vein visibility.

Is vein laser surgery painful?

Laser vein removal is a non-invasive procedure that is virtually pain-free. A local anesthetic will minimize any pain during the process. Still, patients could experience discomfort, such as mild stinging or tingling.

Can a laser get rid of veins?

Laser vein removal can eliminate varicose or spider veins without causing damage to the skin. Minor veins vanish quickly, while more prominent veins may take one to three months to fade. You may require multiple treatments.

Do veins grow back after removal?

While results can be immediate and drastic, there is a chance that the veins will come back. Providers typically recommend receiving one to three treatments for best results.

How long do legs ache after laser vein removal?

You will experience mild pain or soreness immediately after treatment. Side effects should subside within 24 hours. The treatment area should be fully healed within one to two weeks.

How do you know if you need vein surgery?

A medical procedure may be necessary if you are experiencing blood clots, significant pain, or other skin disorders resulting from varicose or spider veins. Consult with a medical professional near you if you are experiencing adverse symptoms.

Choose the leading Medical Spa in Beverly Hills to get the natural results you desire with Laser Vein Removal!