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About Dr. Nazarian

About Dr. Sheila Nazarian

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Specializing in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Services

Sheila Nazarian is the founder and operator of Spa26. Dr. Nazarian’s Spa26 patients benefit from her numerous qualifications. She has years of training and expertise as a board-certified plastic surgeon. She graduated from Columbia University, where she concentrated in pre-med. She studied medicine and earned her doctor of medicine degree at Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University.


Dr. Nazarian completed her Plastic Surgery Residency at the University of Southern California and earned a Master’s in Medical Management at USC’s Marshall School of Business. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California, Division of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery.

Dr. Nazarian is the founder of her plastic surgery practice as well as Nazarian Institute, a nonprofit that brings thought leaders together with business owners to learn to ThinkBIG! in the areas of branding, innovation, growth. She is the founder of The Skin Spot e-commerce site, and the star of the popular Emmy nominated Netflix show, Skin Decision: Before and After. In this program, Dr. Nazarian helps people with malformations have a second chance at life. She is a working wife and mother of three and shares much of her amazing life with her patients as a digital influencer on numerous social media channels.


Dr. Sheila Nazarian cares. While a successful board-certified plastic surgeon, she is focused holistically on a patient’s overall beauty, health, and well-being. When referring to skin care and rejuvenation procedures, she often says, “I can’t just architecturally fix things, tuck things up, and make things more lifted, without addressing the outer layers of the skin in order to give someone a totally harmonious rejuvenation.”

That is what Spa26 is all about, optimizing every patient’s life through supportive listening and collaboration, and complete honesty about realistic, natural-looking results for non-surgical procedures. We employ multiple tools and best-in-class, updated technology to obtain excellent results for all budgets and downtimes. We do this with the highest level of care and concern for the safety and well-being of our patients. Spa26’s ‘Natural by Nazarian’ philosophy improves the quality of each patient’s life, impacting everyone each patient touches. 


  • Bachelor’s degree, Columbia University, concentrating in pre-med
  • Doctorate of Medicine degree, Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University
  • Residency, Plastic Surgery at the University of Southern California
  • Master’s degree, USC’s Marshall School of Business, Medical Management
  • Board-Certified in Plastic Surgery
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Division of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery
  • Founder/Operator of Spa26.


  • Star of the popular Emmy nominated Netflix show, Skin Decision: Before and After
  • Founder of The Skin Spot e-commerce site
  • Founder of the nonprofit Nazarian Institute
  • Brings business owners together to ThinkBIG! in branding, innovation, growth.
  • Dr. Nazarian is a major social media influencer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Spa 26 Located?

Spa 26 is located in Beverly Hills.

Does Spa 26 offer any surgical procedures?

Spa 26 specializes in only non-surgical procedures, however, our sister practice, Nazarian Plastic Surgery offers an array of high-quality surgical procedures.

Are all procedures at Spa 26 conducted by Dr. Nazarian herself?

Dr. Nazarian has trained a team of highly qualified injectors and nurses to perform most non-surgical procedures. Dr. Nazarian’s passion for human anatomy and her ability to teach has allowed Spa 26 to put together a team of superstars who can perform non-surgical procedures with incredible precision and quality.

Who is Dr. Nazarian?

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, MD. is a board certified plastic surgeon, and the founder of Spa 26, who provides high quality plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. She is known for her ability to train other practitioners, as well as her warmth and ability to put patients at ease. She helps patients explore available options to achieve their aesthetic goals.