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Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening Gallery

Skin Rejuvenation
Before and After Photos

Our Featured Skin Rejuvenation Patient

Our Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening Gallery contains photos of real patients who have received services at Spa26 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Patient 1 – Cosmelon Peel 

Patient 2 – Microneedling (Focus Facials, Vivace, BBL, Morpheus, Cosmelan & Masseter Botox)

Patient 3 – Microneedling 

Patient 4 – Microneedling (Skin Focus & Morpheus)

Patient 5 – Microneedling (Morpheus & Power Peel, Filler to Temples)

Patient 6 – Microneedling (Vivace & MicroLaser Peel)

Patient 7 – Microneedling 

Patient 8 – Microneedling Male Patient Results

Patient 9 – Dermaplaning

Patient 10- PDO Threads Before and After

Patient 11 –Diamond Glow Microdermabrasion Before and After

Patient 12 – Flawless Facial Before and After

Patient 13 – Gold Tip Facial Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Spa 26 Located?

Spa 26 is located in Beverly Hills.

Does Spa 26 offer any surgical procedures?

Spa 26 specializes in only non-surgical procedures, however, our sister practice, Nazarian Plastic Surgery offers an array of high-quality surgical procedures.

Are all procedures at Spa 26 conducted by Dr. Nazarian herself?

Dr. Nazarian has trained a team of highly qualified injectors and nurses to perform most non-surgical procedures. Dr. Nazarian’s passion for human anatomy and her ability to teach has allows Spa 26 to put together a team of superstars who can perform non-surgical procedures with incredible precision and quality.

Who is Dr. Nazarian?

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, MD. is a board certified plastic surgeon, and the founder of Spa 26, who provides high quality plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. She is known for her ability to train other practitioners, as well as her warmth and ability to put patients at ease. She helps patients explore available options to achieve their aesthetic goals.