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About Spa26

Welcome to Spa26!

Welcome to Spa26, a sanctuary of non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic services offered by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian! Come into our classic yet edgy beauty retreat in Beverly Hills. Let one of our highly experienced practitioners share a variety of cutting-edge treatment options aimed to achieve your health, beauty, and well-being goals. With offerings such as face and body contouring, injectable fillers, laser technology, skin rejuvenation/tightening, and intimate rejuvenation – Spa26 is the one-stop beauty destination to become the best version of YOU. Spa26 is a medical spa (medspa) that combines an aesthetic medical center with a spa under the direction, supervision, and leadership of Dr. Sheila Nazarian.


Our Story

Dr. Nazarian founded Spa26 in 2018. She wanted to open Spa26 because she owned all of the best skincare and rejuvenation technology on the market. When she opened Spa26, her long-term goal was to someday open additional locations. Spa26 initially opened with 5 staff members. The staff of qualified experts at Spa26 takes a holistic approach to meet and maintain all of the patient’s aesthetic needs. We always take the patient-centered and most natural-looking approach to treatments while using multiple best-in-class tools, and the latest technology to obtain optimal results for every budget and downtime. Dr. Nazarian and her growing staff continue to add best-in-class technologies. She and her staff have the highest level of care and concern for the safety and well-being of Spa26 patients.

Most Natural-Looking & Optimal Results

The core mission for Spa26 has always been and remains to deliver natural results, with the best technology, in the safest possible way. Dr. Nazarian and her Spa26 team understand that appearance and self-confidence interplay. They enjoy improving a patient’s appearance because they know this often improves the quality of the patient’s entire life. Dr. Nazarian’s meticulous eye for detail reflects the artistry that distinguishes her work as a plastic surgeon along with her commitment to achieving natural-looking skincare and rejuvenation outcomes that blend well with the patient’s overall facial or body proportions. Dr. Nazarian and the Spa26 staff are always available to answer any questions. They are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable about your procedures and treatments. They look forward to being supportive partners on your journey to looking and feeling your absolute best.

Latest & Best Technology

Spa26 has continuously evolved over the years since its inception. We are always adding the best in class technologies and growing and expanding our staff to best meet the changing needs of our patients. We now have over 30 devices that are top-notch. These currently include Morpheus8, the only device that combines the microneedling technique with radiofrequency to help restore connective tissue and give patients a more youthful appearance. Halo skin rejuvenation, a hybrid fractional laser that targets damaged skin and results in marked reductions in lines and wrinkles. We maintain numerous other world-class technological devices at Spa26 including facetite, diVa vaginal rejuvenation, and PicoSure tattoo removal among so many others. Regardless of your skincare goals, your budget, or your post-procedure recovery requirements, as Spa26 we can meet all of your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Spa 26 Located?

Spa 26 is located in Beverly Hills.

Does Spa 26 offer any surgical procedures?

Spa 26 specializes in only non-surgical procedures, however, our sister practice, Nazarian Plastic Surgery offers an array of high-quality surgical procedures.

Are all procedures at Spa 26 conducted by Dr. Nazarian herself?

Dr. Nazarian has trained a team of highly qualified injectors and nurses to perform most non-surgical procedures. Dr. Nazarian’s passion for human anatomy and her ability to teach has allowed Spa 26 to put together a team of superstars who can perform non-surgical procedures with incredible precision and quality.

Who is Dr. Nazarian?

Dr. Sheila Nazarian, MD. is a board certified plastic surgeon, and the founder of Spa 26, who provides high quality plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. She is known for her ability to train other practitioners, as well as her warmth and ability to put patients at ease. She helps patients explore available options to achieve their aesthetic goals.

What sets Spa26 apart from other aesthetic medical spas?

Using state-of-the-art equipment and carefully curated practitioners, this MedSpa effortlessly infuses superior science and holistic wellness.

Orchestrated by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian, you will receive a differentiated and revitalizing remedy of body and mind .

Spa26 offers innovative treatment options using non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic and wellness services which include,

  • Face & Body Contouring
  • Injectable Fillers
  • Laser Therapy
  • Skin Renewal & Tightening
  • Intimate Rejuvenation
  • IV Drips
  • Skincare and Wellness Products for Recovery and Rejuvenation