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WOW Intimate Sensitivity PRP Beverly Hills

The WOW PRP injection is a revolutionary treatment that dramatically improves sexual health by restoring and enhancing sensation in intimate areas. This non-surgical, painless procedure also allows patients to improve moisture and sensitivity and even correct postpartum complications, such as urinary incontinence, while avoiding surgery, side effects, and downtime.

This treatment is an applicable option for those seeking to address vaginal atrophy and incontinence, regardless of age. WOW PRP injections bring a safe, quick, and effective solution for sexual dysfunctions following childbirth, menopause, and sexual disorders.


What is WOW Intimate Sensitivity PRP?

The WOW PRP injections, also known as the WOW-shot, harness the power of the patient’s blood by using PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to rejuvenate and restore one’s ability to experience heightened arousal, sensation, and climax. PRP is a substance derived from blood that carries properties used to heal injured tissue and stimulate stem-cell and collagen production. This treatment involves the injection of a patient’s platelet-rich plasma into the clitoris, labia, and G-spot to achieve stronger orgasms during sex and masturbation.

WOW PRP injections enhance blood flow to the genitalia, leading to heightened clitoral and vaginal stimulation, sex drive, lubrication, and comfort. It enables frequent and intense vaginal and clitoral orgasms and relieves highly prevalent complications, such as dryness and low libido. Besides elevated arousal and sexual sensitivity, patients also report improvements in gynecological disorders such as urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosis, lichen planus, and chronic pain.

WOW Intimate Sensitivity PRP Benefits

While we cannot 100% guarantee every procedure, PRP injections consistently deliver enhanced intimate connections and leave patients vouching for “mind-blowing orgasms.” Patients can expect procedures to be as quick as 30 minutes, with results lasting approximately one year. Those undergoing WOW PRP injections can also look forward to an overall improvement in their quality of life. Better sex boosts energy and confidence while lessening psychological ailments.

In addition to enhanced sex life, women can utilize the WOW-shot to restore pelvic strength and regain bladder control after childbirth. Injecting the clitoris, vagina, and G-spot with platelet-rich plasma generates new healthy tissue to fortify the muscles that expand and contract the urethra.

What Results to Expect:

  • Stronger Orgasms
  • Ability to Orgasm
  • Increased Lubrication
  • Heightened Arousal
  • Heightened Vaginal and Clitoral Stimulation
  • Increased Libido
  • Tighter Vaginal Opening
  • Eased Urinary Incontinence
  • Eased Gynecological Disorders
  • Stronger Intimate Connections
  • Boosts of Self-Confidence
  • Lessened Stress and Depression
  • Unlikely Long-Term Health Risks
  • Little to No Downtime
Wow Intimate Sensitivity Prp Can Boost Self-Esteem

How Long Will Results Last?

Although rigorous studies and evidence do not yet support the WOW-shot and its effects, anecdotal consensus shows results lasting approximately one year. Some women report feelings of heightened stimulation and bladder control for up to 18 months. Healing stages comprise various peaks of sexual sensitivity. Patients often experience same-day improvements and a vaginal/clitoral sensitivity apex at roughly nine weeks.

WOW Intimate Sensitivity PRP Cost & Pricing Structure

The cost of the WOW-shot procedure varies based on location, provider, and injection site(s). Although the process follows specific guidelines, there are slight variances in the preparation and injection of a patient’s PRP, which can also affect the pricing structure.

  • US National Average: $1,200-$4,900
  • Our Price: $2,500
  • Additional Costs: There are no additional costs
  • Insurance: Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

Let us help restore the “WOW” into your life!

How WOW Intimate Sensitivity PRP Works

Before the beginning of the treatment, an experienced practitioner will schedule a consultation to discuss objectives, health status, and pricing structure. Although this procedure does not require much preparation, some standard operations must occur before the injection.

Before & Preparation

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs 1-2 weeks before the procedure.
  • Shaving or trimming pubic hair will allow easier visibility for your provider.
  • Wear loose, comfortable pants to avoid discomfort post-treatment.
Patient Getting Ready For Wow Intimate Sensitivity Prp Procedure
Patient During Wow Intimate Sensitivity Prp Procedure

During the Procedure

  • Numbing cream is applied on-site to ensure a painless experience.
  • Blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma.
  • A practitioner will apply a local anesthetic to the clitoris, labia, and G-spot.
  • PRP is prepared and injected into the vaginal, clitoral, and g-spot glands.
  • A practitioner will administer over one injection if necessary.

Aftercare & Recovery

  • Patients can expect little to no downtime following the WOW-shot injection.
  • It is possible to experience swelling and a change in urinary flow for a few days.
  • Patients can resume daily activities, including sex, immediately following the procedure.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs for 1-2 weeks post-procedure for optimal results.
  • Patients can enhance and maintain results by following their treatment using a V-Fit device.
Practitioner Talking To Patient After Wow Intimate Sensitivity Prp Procedure

Treatment Areas

Wow Shot For Woman'S Intimate Area

Spa26 offers the WOW-shot procedure for various genital regions. This combination of injection sites makes for optimal results, as each area contributes to the functionality of sex organs. Injection sites include:

  • Clitoris
  • Labia
  • Vaginal Walls
  • G-Spot

Let us help restore the “WOW” into your life!

Am I a Good Candidate?

This procedure greatly benefits women experiencing postpartum complications, menopause, and vaginal atrophy. The WOW-shot is non-exclusive to age or weight, as there may be various reasons a woman may seek treatment. Urinary incontinence following childbirth is one of the most common reasons women seek vaginal PRP therapy. Patients as young as 18 and as mature as 70 may receive treatment.

The WOW-shot is an ideal option for those looking to elevate feelings of arousal and the ability to achieve orgasms with ease.

  • Typical Age: 18-70
  • Health Restrictions: Women experiencing severe bladder disorders should not receive WOW PRP injections.
Young Woman Can Be Ideal For Wow Intimate Sensitivity Prp Treatment

Similar & Related Procedures

  • ThermiVa: Radiofrequency energy heats vaginal tissue and stimulates collagen production, alleviating incontinence and forming a tighter vagina. Multiple sessions are required.
  • diVa Laser: This procedure utilizes laser energy to stimulate collagen production in vaginal tissues, improving quality and functionality. DiVa laser treatment can supplement the WOW-shot for enhanced results.
  • Vaginoplasty: Surgical techniques reconstruct the vagina to achieve sexual function or repair injuries following childbirth.

WOW PRP Shot vs. Vaginoplasty

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Risk of severe injury and damage
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Side Effects & Risks

The WOW-shot procedure poses a low risk of experiencing pain or complications following treatment. Although very few reports of severe side effects are associated with vaginal PRP injections, patients must be aware of the possible risks.

Woman In Pain After Wow Intimate Sensitivity Prp Procedure

Side effects may include:

  • Constant Sexual Arousal (rare)
  • Spontaneous Orgasms (rare)
  • Sexual Arousal during Urination (rare)
  • Infection (rare)
  • Bruising
  • Pain and Soreness
  • Scar Tissue
  • Swelling
  • Vaginal “Buzzing” Sensation

Let us help restore the “WOW” into your life!

WOW Intimate Sensitivity PRP FAQs

How much does a wow shot cost?

Prices range from approximately $1,200-$1,800. Prices vary based on several factors. Some variables may include location, provider, and site of injection.

What is the average cost of the WOW-shot?

The average cost of a WOW-shot is roughly $1,500. The cost of injections is determined based on factors such as treatment objectives, number of sessions, problems addressed, and methods of preparing PRP.

Is WOW-shot worth it?

The WOW-shot is an excellent option for those looking to elevate their sex lives by improving arousal, climax, sensitivity, and lubrication. This procedure is also ideal for patients seeking to ease dysfunctions following vaginal childbirth, such as urinary incontinence.

Does the WOW-shot help incontinence?

The WOW-shot successfully eases urinary incontinence by using PRP to generate newer and stronger tissues. The PRP works to strengthen the patient’s urethra and pelvic floor. The WOW-shot is an outstanding procedure for those looking to address incontinence.

Does insurance pay for WOW-shot?

Insurance companies do not pay for the WOW-shot procedure, as it is considered an elective cosmetic treatment. Patients must pay out-of-pocket costs, which vary amongst providers and services.

Is the WOW-shot painful?

Women are unlikely to experience discomfort when undergoing treatment. A practitioner applies a numbing cream to the vaginal region before injecting the WOW-shot. Most patients report the injection to be painless. However, some women have experienced a mild, momentary prick or stinging sensation.

Where is Spa 26 Located?

Spa 26 is located in Beverly Hills, at the same location as Dr. Nazarian’s surgical practice called Nazarian Plastic Surgery.

Does Spa 26 offer any surgical procedures?

Spa 26 specializes in only non-surgical procedures, however, our sister practice, Nazarian Plastic Surgery offers an array of high-quality surgical procedures.

Are all procedures at Spa 26 conducted by the doctor herself?

Our surgeon has trained a team of highly qualified injectors and nurses to perform most non-surgical procedures. Doctors’ passion for human anatomy and her ability to teach has allows Spa 26 to put together a team of superstars who can perform non-surgical procedures with incredible precision and quality.

Let us help restore the “WOW” into your life!