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Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing Beverly Hills

Erbium Contour TRL® Resurfacing is a laser procedure that improves skin damage and signs of aging. The laser will remove the top layer of skin in targeted areas during treatment, increasing collagen production and reducing fine and deep lines, wrinkles, blotchiness, scarring and discoloration. Dr. Nazarian and her skilled team will restore your youthful-looking skin and develop smoother, visibly improved skin.

This 30-minute, customizable laser skin treatment will allow the experienced practitioners at Spa26 in Beverly Hills to target only the damaged areas of skin, leaving healthy tissues untouched. Damage and signs of aging can be effortlessly erased with this procedure.

Before And After Results Of Erbium Contour Trl Skin Resurfacing Treatment For Improved Skin Texture And Wrinkle Reduction.

What is Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a technology that’s been used for decades to remove lesions and scars and treat hyperpigmentation. This type of laser treatment removes the top layers of skin to smooth the surface and correct discoloration. Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing is a sophisticated form of laser skin rejuvenation that uses Erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet lasers (erbium YAG). TRL stands for Tunable Resurfacing Laser as this laser is highly customizable.

Unlike their carbon dioxide laser counterpart, these lasers allow their depth to be controlled with micro precision. Modern science has revolutionized anti-aging skin treatment options by offering physicians the ability to completely customize facial treatments for each client.

Whether you have acne scarring, wrinkles, or other facial skin flaws, Spa26 in Beverly Hills offers TRL resurfacing to treat them all leaving you with smoother, and even-toned skin.

Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing Benefits

If you could take years off of your appearance with a simple procedure, that may be enough of a reason to go all in. But, there are many excellent benefits of TRL resurfacing in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles that include (but are certainly not limited to)

  • Side effects reduction: Fewer side effects than carbon dioxide (CO2) laser treatments
  • Better skin tone: Evens skin tone and reduces discoloration
  • Minimal downtime: Usually two weeks of skin recovery and a few months of resolving redness
  • Minimal skin damage: Leaves healthy skin intact and unaffected for quicker recovery times
  • Quick results: Dramatic results in as little as one to two visits
  • Reduced secretion: Reduced swelling, redness, and sensitivity
  • Increased collagen production: Promotes collagen production for natural skin tightening
Erbium Contour Trl Resurfacing Benefits
  • Improved appearance: Reveals youthful, healthy skin 
  • Long-lasting results: Results that will allow you to look and feel your best

Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing Cost & Pricing Structure

The cost of laser resurfacing varies based on the area treated and the type of laser procedure performed.

  • US National Average: $2,500 per treatment, with expected variations between $1,500 and $4,200.
  • Our Price: Contact us for a quote.
  • Additional Costs: Procedure costs do not cover time off at work, additional recovery treatment requirements, follow-up appointments, or skincare products.
  • Insurance: Portions of laser resurfacing may be covered under some medical insurance, but typically, it is not. Contact your medical insurance provider for information about what your policy covers and potential authorization.

Choose the leading Medical Spa in Beverly Hills to get the natural results you desire with Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing!

Before and After Gallery

Erbium Laser Right Profile Of Client
Erbium Laser-Front View
Erbium Laser- Left Profile

How Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing Works

Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing removes the top layers of skin in targeted areas. During laser treatments, the body’s natural healing process is activated, encouraging collagen production. Collagen is a protein that works to protect the skin and improves overall thickness and resilience. The healing process stimulates the growth of new healthy cells and gives the skin a rejuvenated look and feel.

Before & Preparation

Before your first Erbium Contour TRL resurfacing treatment, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Nazarian at Spa26 to discuss your concerns and goals. Before your treatment appointment, you’ll receive specific instructions like:

  • Don’t use tobacco or consume alcohol for the two weeks leading up to your procedure.
  • Don’t apply retinol products within 24 hours of treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Avoid certain medications (your provider will review your medications and let you know which ones to take and which ones to skip, and for how long before procedure day)
  • Wash your face before your appointment, and don’t apply lotions, makeup, or any other product.
During Erbium Contour Trl Resurfacing

During the Procedure

Refer to the step-by-step guidance below to become more familiar with the procedure.

  • Your provider will thoroughly clean your face with antiseptic soap.
  • You’ll be given protective eyewear and positioned where you can comfortably relax.
  • A local anesthetic will be administered to numb the area for comfort.
  • The laser specialist will use the TRL Contour laser and computer-guided scanner to move the laser over the treatment area.
  • The procedure will last 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the area and severity of the treated region.

During the laser resurfacing procedure, the experienced practitioner will discuss the exact steps of the process. He/She will execute highly targeted laser treatment dictated by your pre-discussed plan that will be reviewed with you before the procedure begins. It’s not expected that you’ll experience much discomfort as local numbing and topical numbing are applied as needed, but be sure to inform the practitioners if you experience any discomfort.

Aftercare & Recovery

Once your treatment is complete, you’ll need 5 to 14 days of recovery, depending on the surface area and depth of treatment. While you won’t be physically limited after the first day or two, you’ll need a social vacation and should avoid sunlight until the healing process is well underway.

Furthermore, your provider will give you specific aftercare instructions that may include:

  • Apply topical ointment following the provider’s instructions.
  • Avoid sunlight
  • Avoid excessive handling and touching your face.
  • Sleep with head elevated for the first few days.
Erbium Contour Trl Resurfacing Aftercare And Recovery
  • Gently wash your face twice a day for the first few days by letting the water run over your face; avoid scrubbing.
  • Consume a high-calorie, high protein diet to facilitate quicker healing.

Treatment Areas

Erbium Contour Trl Resurfacing Treatment Areas

Common treatment areas include:

  • Face
  • Perioral (around the mouth)
  • Periocular (around the eye)

Erbium Contour TRL can be used to treat some body scarring as well. If you have any questions about treatment areas, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Choose the leading Medical Spa in Beverly Hills to get the natural results you desire with Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing!

Am I a Good Candidate for Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing?

Suppose you have scarring, wrinkles, or blemishes that impact your confidence. In that case, you are likely a good candidate for TRL facial resurfacing. Men and women of lighter and medium skin tones benefit from Contour TRL laser rejuvenation, and most patients are able to uncover smoother skin. Skin conditions that can effectively be treated with Contour TRL include scars, solar spots, pigment irregularities, actinic keratosis, uneven skin tone including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, aging wrinkles, and more.

If you have allergies to injectable anesthetics or have a clotting disorder, Dr. Nazarian can discuss how this may impact your procedure, but modifications are completely possible. Schedule an initial consultation at S26 to discover if you’re a good candidate.

Am I A Good Candidate For Erbium Contour Trl Resurfacing

Similar & Related Procedures

Erbium Contour Trl Resurfacing Related Procedures
  • Broadband Light (BBL): Forever Young (BBL) penetrates the top layers of the skin with light energy to stimulate healthy tissue growth to fight the signs of aging. 
  • Halo Laser: Halo hybrid laser treatment is similar to TRL Contour laser treatment. The difference is the pulse length and skin depth that can be treated.
  • NanoLaserPeel: NanoLaserPeel uses laser technology to remove single layers of skin to get rid of damaged cells and encourage new, healthy cell growth.
  • Chemical Peel: Chemical peels remove the top layer of skin in treated areas.

Side Effects & Risks

While TRL Contour treatment is an incredibly safe procedure, as with any medical procedure, it is not without potential side effects and risks. Risks are minimal, and most side effects can be reduced or avoided with proper planning and recovery care. Your provider will discuss the potential risks of undergoing TRL Contour and prepare you for any side effects you may experience.

Procedure Risks and Side Effects may include:

  • Redness, swelling, or bleeding
  • Oozing or drainage at the treatment site
  • Pigment changes
  • Surface scarring
  • Triggering herpes (cold sore) outbreak
  • Acne or dermatitis in the treated area

Severe reactions and infections are rare, but your provider will discuss proactive prevention measures. If you’re ever concerned, don’t hesitate to contact the S26 team.

Erbium Contour Trl Resurfacing Side Effects

Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing Reviews

I had my first consultation with Dr. Nazarian a few days ago. They have a beautiful, modern office conveniently located , with validated parking. The staff are amazing! They are polite, attentive, and caring. The Dr saw me right on time which is very important to me as  it shows respect for the patient’s time. Dr Nazarian is extremely knowledgeable and caring as well. She offers the latest technology and is very pleasant. Alexa, a team member, is terrific and excellent at cool sculpting and skin resurfacing. I strongly recommend this cosmetic practice and I should know firsthand as I am a doctor myself!

Maurice F.

Los Angeles, CA

Choose the leading Medical Spa in Beverly Hills to get the natural results you desire with Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing!

Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing FAQs

Is TRL Contour painful?

Answer: Each client has varying pain thresholds, but most patients experience minimal discomfort during and after laser resurfacing. A local and topical anesthetic will be used during resurfacing. Post-procedure pain feels like sunburn and can be reduced with a cold compress.

When will I see results after erbium laser treatment?

Answer: Results typically begin to appear as skin cells recover and heal. For many people, initial results are visible in one to two weeks and continue to improve over the following month, with peak results at three months.

How long do Erbium laser results last?

Answer: Many patients find long-lasting to permanent results with laser resurfacing treatments. However, aging does continue, and new fine lines and wrinkles may appear over time.

Will my medical insurance cover TRL resurfacing treatment?

Answer: Because laser skin treatment is not medically necessary, medical insurance does not generally cover the cost of treatments. You can contact your insurance provider directly to determine if your policy will cover a portion of the procedure. In some cases, including cancer treatment, laser resurfacing may be entirely or partially covered.

How often should you get an Erbium laser?

Answer: Your individual treatment goals, conditions, and initial treatment results will guide your custom plan and determine how many treatments you require. If multiple sessions are recommended, you should wait at least four weeks between laser treatments.

Choose the leading Medical Spa in Beverly Hills to get the natural results you desire with Erbium Contour TRL Resurfacing!